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Photo Gallery 2011



2011 and Before

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Right End of Field

Right of Center of Field

Field Left of Center

Field Toward Left End

Left End of Field

Richard's New Hog Bipe

Another View of Hog Bipe. Looks Great.

This Proves it isn't an Internet Pic! When's the First Flight?

Cap'tn Eddie Ready to Fly Doug's Plane

Doug's Smith Miniplane

Smith Miniplane by Doug. Ted in Background

First Flight P51 PTS 10.16.2011

October 16, 2011

More from October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011

Lots of Flying on October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011

Oops! October 16, 2011

Ted Ready for Contest Practice

Doug's B-Day Oct. 29. Diedrich's B-Day Oct. 30. Cold Day But We Had Fun 10.29.11

The Birthday Boys on October 29, 2011.

Brian's Fabulous Extra 360 9.11.11

Brain's Extra 360 and Colin's U-Control in Background 9.11.11

Adam's Sbach Before (Crash) 9.11.11

Adam, Sbach, and Ted After (Crash) 9.11.11

NEW MEMBER ALERT! Doug's Twin Brother. 9.4.2011

Steve's Ginormous Senior 9.4.2011

Steve's Senior Project in Progress 9.4.2011

Steve & Phoenix Models .40 Yak 9.4.2011

Starting Yak

Another Flight for Doug's Cub 9.4.2011

Jack Dice Soaring on Mt. Schoodic, Maine Aug. 2011

Just a Little Bit Lower

How Low Can You Go?????

Diedrich Lying Down on the Job? Guess He's Getting Ready to Fly the Hog Bipe.

Snap & Death Spin. Jack D.'s Extra Meets It's End 24 Hours After Fly In.

Reed Marsh with His Original Yellow Tail

Adam's MX 2

Adam Hovering New MX 2

Lee Starr's Yak 55 by OMP

Good Landing, Ted--With Both Wings On !!

Composite ARF Yak. Belongs to Rick Dobler.

Elan Jet Belongs Rick Dobler

Rick Dobler's new Flash Jet.

Richard's kit built Goldberg Tiger 60. Powered by a Saito .82 which will soon morph into a Magnum .91.

Richard's winter project---a Sig Hog Bipe.

Lynn's Bi-Fli. Completely scratch built and painted. He even made the landing gear look "jeweled".

Ken Kerne's REAL Gyrocopter which he hopes to fly soon. Ken is a modeler and started the indoor flying at Fairview School.

Rick Mohring's Four-Star 1.20. He scared the pilot to death!

Mark's Four-Star, Slow Poke, and Great Planes Ryan STA.

Mark's Goldberg Staudacher S300-GS

Diedrich's Pulse 1.20. Another Wicked Looking Prop.

Darned Ole Plane Grabbing Tree. Diedrich's Pulse

Goldberg Decathlon Belongs to Diedrich

Looks Like Some Adjust'n Goin' On, Diedrich

Ted's Sig Sun Dancer 2010. Before the Top Wing Came Off!

Ted & Pam with Sun Dancer

Landed OK with only lower wing. Gear pancaked.Sept 2010.

Adam and Yak 54. 2011

Adam's Profile Airplane with DLE .20. Prop looks wicked because it's running

Steve, Caleb, and Ron with Tigger Plane May 2010

Tigger Plane with Steve's Friend Ron 2010

Ted & Astro Hog 1986

Ted & Astro Hog 2010. One of Them has Been Updated

Mark's Kadet Senior. 2011

Mark's Kadet Senior and Blue Four Star. 2011

Mike Blanton and Good Looking Airplane. 2008

Mike Landing Ugly Betty. 2008

Mike Blanton's and Ted's Planes. 2008

Cessna by Lynn

Lynn's Chipmunk

Lynn's Curtiss Robin

Close-up of Lynn's Curtiss Robin. Scratch Built Of Course.

Lynn and His Curtiss Robin. 2010

Striking Colors on Lynn's Kadet Senior. Hand Dyed Silk.

Back View of Lynn's Kadet Senior

Aeroworks Profile Extra--Ted's

Scratch Built Taurus by Ted

A Neat Radio Installation in Ted's Ulta Stick 1.20

Ted's Ultra Stick in Crow Configuration

Ted's Ultra Stick 1.20

Down One Size. Ted's Ultra Stick .60

Ted's Morris Hots with Rossi .45

Ted's Sig Extra. "Big Purple" with Moki 2.10

Decathlon & Ted 1990 Hendersonville Airport

Cockpit of the Decathlon.

Ted's Decathlon

Stripes on bottom of Decathlon.